Day 5

The uphill battle.


So far, my luck has been less than optimal with this second project. I believe that we're now at a plateau. Nothing feels worse than disappearing meat - and things can only go nicely from here.

The security measures taken yesterday appear to be working for the time being. The chicken is right where I left it, and looks quite nauseating.


Excellent news. I believe we've got maggots. They are at the teeny glistening stage, and they seem to be worming throughout the innards of the chicken. I predict grubs in a few short days.

I am giddy with excitement.

A few side notes.
I've received lots of mail about the poop from day 4. The consensus is that it belongs to a meat eating superdeer.

I was unaware that deer consumed fast food, but I suppose it's possible.

Much of the recent mail is also describing a sensation of deep loss for the stolen project items. I would normally prefer to allow nature go it's course, but in this special case, I tend to agree.

Tomorrow, I will replace some of the items, now that I feel comfortable enough with the meat's current location.


In the hopes that someone might have information regarding the mall meat, I posted about ten of these signs at various spots inside and outside the mall.