Day 6

Delicious decomposition.


Maggot grubs have been spotted - at the end of the drumstick, and a few baby grubs surrounding the chicken's... orifice.

The orifice itself appears to be getting blacker and bigger by the day. I've been under the impression that the chicken has been holding up rather well so far, and then I checked back to the day2 photo. I now realize that it is really not doing well at all.

Mark today as the day that the meat is officially offensive. The smell is breezing around without discrimination, and I have to wonder how far it can travel before dissipating.


Upon the request of many, many readers: the stinkymate and I returned to the grocery store.

We were helped by a different deli clerk. As we purchased more salmon, the conversation went something like this:

"Hi. I need a salmon steak, preferably a small one."

"You bet. You guys barbecuing?"

"Well... no, we're not."

"Oh. Ok. Ya know, I've got some fillet in the back - its had the skin and bones removed already, it's great for eating."

"That's not really necessary. We're not buying it to eat it."

What happened for the next ten seconds can only be described as silent, motionless staring, with an occasional blink.

The clerk grabbed a salmon, wrapped it, and handed it to us without saying a word. I thanked him, and we quickly grabbed more dog food and oysters before leaving.

I don't want to go back to that store anymore.

This new plate will be the true test of the security apparatus. I fear that adding fresh meat this late in the game will attract more critters - or make them more prone to hunger based fits of supernatural strength.