Day 4 continued


The meat liberator left something next to the chicken.

Yep. I'd like to submit this poop photo as evidence - exhibit A.

I am personally not very good with matching what type of poop belongs to what kind of animal. Help would be appreciated. I assume it's a raccoon, but for all I know, it could be an extremely burly rabbit.


The wasps are really swiss cheesing the chicken corpse. The above fly is the first I've seen - I am hoping it is depositing a payload of maggots. Really, really hoping.

What is really ironic about the burglary is that I was prepared for it. I was just too late. I received some interesting security related suggestions yesterday - everything from electric fences, to hiring a team of highly trained ninjas, to carefully placed landmines in the surrounding area.

Since kids are playing nearby, and parents wouldn't look fondly at landmines in their local park, I ended up just purchasing a small metal drainer to cover the meat with.


I decided to leave nothing to chance. I think the rocks are a nice touch. I am pretty sure that a raccoon doesn't possess the upper body strength to heave them.


The stinkymate and I went back at night to check on things - I think we're going to be ok.

For some reason, none of the picts turned out, except for the stinkymate and myself enjoying ourselves on the swings.

Hmmm. I must protect the chicken at all costs.