Day 4

Ok, now I am upset.


It's gone from bad to worse. We showed up at the park, and I could tell immediately that something was amiss. The meat, once again, is gone. The plate looks like it was licked clean.


Only 3 days worth of meat?! Completely unacceptable. Both the stinkymate and Trevor the shameless were with me. We began to search.

I had just about given up all hope, and was about to go to the store and start over again - when a gentle breeze wafted by me. This breeze carried with it an odor of pure evil.


We followed the smell, and the sounds of buzzing insects, until we found what was left. Yes, something had got to the meat before I could secure it. But - the thief couldn't finish the entire plate. It dragged the chicken about 30 feet away from its original position before dropping it. It's still almost completely intact.

The bad news is, I've lost the burger and the salmon.

The good news?
The chicken has been moved by natural causes, far out of the way of discovery. I no longer have to worry about people finding it - I just have to deal with mother nature.

5 meats gone in 4 days. Crap.