Day 2 continued

Location two: The mall.


I couldn't think of any place as public as a mall. I will consider myself lucky if this portion of the project lasts more than 2 days.

Security was tight. Our plan went into effect.

We prepared the plate on the outside, and shoved it into a bag for transport. The stinkymate distracted the security guards as we walked inside by flapping his arms wildly.

I ran over to a planter, located underneath a nearby escalator, and delivered the package.


Mission successful.

A security guard noticed the flash as I took the above picture. He called me over.

I began sweating instantly.

Fortunately, he didn't see what I was taking the picture of. Apparently, you have to have some kind of license to take pictures in malls. I apologized, and promised not to take any more.


So I lied, basically.

The meat choices on this plate were far, far worse to the senses than the park plate - even straight out of their packaging.

As much as I tried, the dog food would not lose the shape of the can. The oysters stink to high hell. I'm not sure how the rotting process can make them worse. They will probably just dry out and stink less. There's a change.