Day 3

Well that didn't last long.


I have to hand it to the mall cleanup crew. I really expected to be able to take at least ONE day's worth of mall pictures.

Someone apparently doesn't appreciate intellectual discovery.


This is the last known photograph of the mall meat.
If you have seen it, or know of its whereabouts, please contact either myself or the stinkymate as soon as possible.

I didn't want to leave completely empty handed. The stinkymate was unavailable at the time these pictures were taken, and so I had to rely on another source: Trevor the shameless.

I called him, and asked him if he would go through some mall trash cans, looking for discarded meat.

He agreed enthusiastically.


Trevor located several meat specimens over about an hour's worth of searching. None were the meat in question.

At one point, Trevor was sure he found a portion of the oysters - but alas, it was just a blob of tobacco spit.

Hopefully, I'll have better luck at the park.