Day 1

Meat shopping spree.


It's hard for me to look directly at meat again, after witnessing the events that were the first stinkymeat project. However, I can now take control of the rampant nausea. I can suppress the mental trauma. Stinkymeat is begging for resurrection, and it is now the middle of August.

As promised - it's now time to do it all again.

The stinkymate and I interviewed many different varieties of beef and meat-like products for this new scientific experiment. As we walked through the grocery store, I came upon a profound realization:

There is really a lot of sick food product on the market.


We narrowed down our selections to 6 total items. As before, the criteria involved with our picks usually came down to finding the cheapest crap we could get our hands on. Whereas these sausages aren't as obviously processed as the hotdogs from the first project, they do still have a certain pre-packaged appeal. They also appear to have something to do with beer. This excited the stinkymate. I made the purchase.
Sausage: $1.50


Nothing matches the texture value of oysters. The store didn't have any fresh, so I settled for canned. Please note the background item, "fish balls."

As I said - a LOT of sick food product.
Oysters: $2.49


I decided to keep one of the original choices. The salmon.

I expect it to stink gloriously.

The woman working in the meat department was extremely helpful with all of my meat related questions. She picked out a delicious looking salmon steak for me, skin included. She had to ask her boss if it was all right if we could take her picture, however. I told her it was for science. That seemed to make it ok.
Salmon: $3.91


I needed chicken - and a small slab of chicken just didn't seem like it would be enough. I wanted to find some sort of game hen, or quail - I settled for a bagged "young chicken."

It's rather... juicy. The bag it was in did not feel pleasant to the touch. I somehow felt responsible for slaughtering a baby chicken as I bought it.
Chicken: A bargain price at $3.79


I don't know what possessed me to get dog food. I do have to admit, some of the brands looked pretty appetizing. Huge portions of gravy lathered steak, 'prime cuts', and 'premium pieces' really started to get my stomach growling.

I picked the only can that had a picture of a dog on it.
Dog food: $0.34


Since I was now pretty hungry, the stinkymate and I stopped by a fast food place on the way home. There, we made our final selection: A fast food burger.

This happy employee was more than willing to have her photograph taken. We didn't even have to explain what for. I appreciate that kind of blind, trusting cooperation.

All items are now in the fridge, anxiously awaiting their final destiny. Tomorrow, they will be planted in their new location for thorough scientific examination.
Total cost: $12.03

Yes, I know. They won't all fit on one plate.

I have a plan.