Day 2

Location, location, location.

The most important part of this whole thing, in my opinion, is not the choice of meats. It's the incredibly difficult decision of where to put the stuff.

I can't do the neighbor's place again - for one, it's been done already. Another good reason is that he moved away. Really. I like to speculate that I had something to do with that.

I thought briefly about putting it into my boss's yard - but that may have caused some serious complications in my professional career.

I just don't feel like I have any enemies - or any one individual that has recently done anything to warrant vengeance. Stinkymeat is more about science than revenge, anyway.

So, the dilemma remains. Where to stick my meat? There really is an awful lot of it - way more than one plate can handle. The only solution, then, is to have TWO plates of meat.

Besides, upon reflection, true science shouldn't be hidden in the bushes of a neighbor's backyard. It should be available to the masses for purposes of appreciation and education.

My new goal:
Bring stinkymeat to the public.