Day 1

Meat purchasing day

Went to the store, on a meat hunt. What was I looking for in my meat selection?
  • Freshness
  • Price
  • Texture

Nabbed some ground beef. Expected to disintegrate within 3-4 days.
Total cost: $2.57

Preservative heaven.
I think these dogs have a better chance of being carried off by a wild animal than to decompose. In fact, these could potentially extend this project to well over a few years. I wish there was a halflife printed on the label.
Price: $0.99
Total Cost: $3.56

I wanted a middle ground as well, decided a firm steak would do it. Steaks are not cheap, and so I opted for a lonely 'Reduced for Quick Sale' slab that still appeared edible. As I picked it up, the seran wrap covering promptly unfolded and gushed beef juice onto my hand.

I bought it anyway.
Price: $3.75
Total Cost: $7.31

Tomorrow I go next door and plant it all in my neighbor's lawn.