Some random clips of mail the stinkymeat project has received.

"I'm so glad that I'm vegetarian. This stinkymeat project gives me a lot of motivation."

"The more I look at it, the more I'm disgusted. Looking at it makes my toes curl, but I have to look!"

"This is clearly one of the most disturbing sites I have ever seen."

"I've been contemplating returning to a non-meat-eating diet. Thank you for ending my contemplation."

"I think I'll skip lunch today."

"Your site has spiritually uplifted me from the dregs of moral decline."

"That suppression of gag reflex thing can make you some big dollars in certain communities."

"I am completely disgusted, utterly fascinated and thoroughly amused."

"Thank you for performing this bizarre experiment. There is a certain beauty in what you are doing."

"I'm completely grossed out. I think I might sue you for mental damages."

"I can't get enough of that rotten meat. It's like when the milk is bad and the whole family has to smell it."

"I'd suggest you seek psychiatric help, but your current experiment is far more important to science."

"Inspiring. I would be honoured if you would pick a nice maggot and name it after me."

"Oh, god..."

"your meat is nice
I'd like a slice
could you share?
I'd bring a pair
a pair of forks
and wine with corks"
-Princess Una

"Is this your job?"

"I'm gonna puke."

"Thanks for the informative site. I think I learned something today."

"You know, in a really fucked up way, this is totally fascinating."

"You single handedly bring value to the web. You should be nominated for something, although I'm not sure what."

"The stinkymeat project is absolutely repulsive, yet I can't look away. It's like the most twisted soap opera in history."

"If I look at this site, does that make me a stinkymeat voyeur? Why does that make me feel so dirty?"

"You should let people adopt your meat. Sadly, I think people would want to be associated with it."

"Your site is a marketing campaign for cremation."

"I wouldnt go near that plate for anything."

"I want to help, if I can. From afar. Way afar."

"I wish they had scratch and sniff computer pictures."

"I love your site, this shows how truly sick, twisted and demented I have become."

"Thank you for existing."

"It's rare that I find someone else out there with that illusive mix of ingenuity - and complete and utter disregard for the difference between 'right and wrong.'"