Day 9

Where's the beef?


First of all, the hot dogs look more appetizing now than they ever have, even when they were fresh. I had to check back to yesterday's picts to be sure - but it looks like two of the dogs are missing in action.

Yep, there has been a hot dog thievery. I checked the surrounding area, but they've vanished without a trace. I can't decide if it's exciting, or scary.


The maggots are eating... and growing. The ground beef's lifespan has far exceeded my expectations, but I don't think it's going to last much longer with these hungry kids.

Chad, the official stinkymeat assistant, was able to distract the neighbors while I took today's pictures. I don't think they are on to me yet - but to be safe, I am running over some excuses in my head in case I need to use them.

"I was just walking through your yard, and happened upon this plate of meat."

I can't think of any good ones.