Day 6



I can't believe the ground beef has survived this long. The outermost area of it has hardened into a shell, and I think it's protecting the soft goop inside.

The steak has grown some white spots - I think it's mold.

It's becoming hard to approach the plate, the smell is ten times worse than yesterday. I can't discern which item is the stinkiest, but I'm not sure it really matters.

The ants couldn't penetrate the hot dog defenses yesterday, but they are trying again today. For some reason, I am betting on the dogs.

A few people mailed me about the maggots. Looks like it's good news!
Brandon writes:
"Your day 5 suspicions are confirmed... sort of. While those little white bits are not YET maggots, they soon will be. Those are eggs, that will very soon hatch into those cute, cuddly little carrion feeder we all know and love as maggots. Cheers!"

At this point, regardless of the circumstances, I wouldn't eat the meat.