Day 3

Hot meat.


Sunny day today, pretty dang warm. Not only has the beef thawed out, it actually looks like it's been partially cooked.

And the coolest part? Bugs!
Got a couple of big flies, and about 50 ants. Some were swimming in the juice pool. Apparently, they were enjoying themselves.

The steak appears to have taken on a rubberish appearance. I didn't think to touch it to verify. The ground beef looks evenly browned, however the hot dogs don't seem to have changed in any fashion whatsoever.

There is no smell yet, although I didn't get on my hands and knees to check. I think I will only consider this officially stinky if I smell it as I approach from across the street.

At this point, I personally don't think I'd eat this meat, however under the proper circumstances, I believe it would still be possible.