I've always wondered what prompted people to write such tender, gentle words for stinkymeat. (I still am wondering, actually.)

Decomposing Flesh
Art? Science? Biohazard?
Or website fodder?
- Tom Elliott

A meaty blitzkrieg,
Like Hitler's march on Poland
Beef takes over plate
- Tom Elliott

A disturbing thought -
The sausages weren't stolen...
They wriggled away.
- Tom Elliott

Gasp! Oh my God. Look!
Maggots in meat wave hello.
StinkyMeat dot net
- Scott

Mighty gag reflex!
A plate full of rotting meat...
How long will it last?
- Andy Gimblett

What has the wind brought?
Carrion gives life to the fly.
Howdy, fine neighbor!
- J. MacNeill

Rotting flesh, exposed
Maggots multiply en plein aire
Life - brought forth from death
- Adam Stanhope

Odorous meat
Gloriously putrescent
What can we say? Cool!
- Dan Mullen

I'd first choose my tomb
over the chance to consume
this pate of doom
- David Bois

From the earths's foul gut -
Belched forth this plate of meat now
Moist hatchling playground
- Dave van Zijl

What stinkymeat does
So shall we all, someday.
Stinkymeat, our kin.
- Dave Shepherd

Meat left out to rot
All in the name of science
Gone without a trace.
- Rob Norstrem

Stinky meat, begone!
Nihilistic rotting mass.
Yet the stink remains...
- Mike Balfour

My burger, steak, dogs...
Festers in thy neighbour's midst
Who hath swiped my meat?
- Donna Mitchell

In all days living
Shall we meet the end dying
with no styrofoam --
- Halbino

Shell that was once steak,
Now hides the Jell-O pudding,
It's the worst flavor.
-Todd Harris

Being made of meat,
I only hope to, one day,
Be watched as I rot.
-Todd Harris

What is that I smell?
A putrid plate full of meat
But what kind of freak...
- Nancy Hubbard

Here come the maggots
Birthed from this soupy goodness
Please pass the plate dear?
- Lynda Mandolyn

Our hearts hang heavy,
Oh meat of great stinkyness.
How could you leave us?
- Beak T

As flesh turned to soup
We watched as new life emerged
Welcome, future flies!
- Beak T

Sight is not needed
To detect the stinky meat.
Stench, a foul beacon.
- Owen Shelksohn

Rotting meat so sweet
A nice pillow it will make
Ode to rotting steak
- Jon LeMaster

Found by accident
Stinkymeat dot com lured me
Can't stay away
- Michael Solorza

The meat that rots
Takes the breath
Let it flow, let it flow!
- Philip Lee

Sitting on the plate
Waiting in the neighbor's yard
Food for the maggots.
- Jonathan Fox

The neighbor could smell
The wretched effluvium.
How could it so end?
- Jonathan Fox

We may now go on,
An important lesson learned
Eat only fresh meat.
- Jonathan Fox

But as we eat flesh,
Within our own intestines
Stinky meat shall live!
- Jonathan Fox

O radiant stew,
Thou art malignant, and yet
To behold, divine.
-Lisa Telgarsky

Deli's spectrum on the lawn
Red, purple, soup, gone!
- Martin Bregman

Oh this brutish mass!
Urging my stomach to rise.
Rotting meat, my friend.
- Justin R. Gulbransen

Found a plate today
Infested with rotting meat
My neighbor must die
- Jason McMahon

I did not know that
Hot dogs could run for shelter
From a smell so bad
- Jason McMahon

Putrescent odour,
Alerts neighbours `All's not well' -
Search for stinkymeat
- Tom Elliott

In the lush green grass
The young lovers rolled over,
SQUISH. Found stinkymeat.
- Tom Elliott

Plate of meat has gone,
Missed your chance to make some cash
On Ebay dot com.
- Tom Elliott

Where's the plate of stink?
Meat theives watch from the shadows.
Haul ass, Stinkymate!
- J. MacNeill

Faint smell of evil
Lingering in the spring air
Stinky memories
- Carla Macapinlac

You filled the spring air
So vile yet captivating
Were you but a dream?
- Carla Macapinlac

Despite your demise
Your memory lingers still
Along with the stench
- Carla Macapinlac

See the Stinkymeat
Oh sickening putrid mass
You are what you eat.
- Bob Noble

Filthy, Beefy, rot
Assault my virgin senses
Man, screw this project
- Ken Springer

Cow that once said, "Moo"
Now rotten burger in yard
Soon maggot food - Wow!
- Monica Walters

Oh my hungry one.
Largest maggot on the plate,
Eat dat stinkymeat!
- Earlybird Smith

I weep not for meat
Rot with pride my languid sweet
At least youre not spam
- Coghill Boss

Fear not bold cutlet
Meaty valhalla awaits
Gravy for your soul
- Coghill Boss

Ever-famous meat -
I can't look away from the
Awe-inspiring blob.
- Erin

Salmonella fun
E. Coli, Scrumptious, Yummy
On a plate of goo
- Evil Avenger

Stinky fills the air,
Must do a scavenger hunt,
Quick! Find the hot dog!
- Brian Shoemaker

Dirty, stinkymeat
Chasing off that styrofoam
That once was your bed
- Brian Carter

Ode to Stinky Meat
I've seen things more disgusting
Okay, no I haven't
- Mike Polowick

Decomposing meat
You'd think it's gross but it's neat
Makes me want to eat
- Mike Polowick

Plate of rotting meat,
One stinkymate, nineteen days --
Equals: some gross shit
- Mike Polowick

Stinky, Stinky Meat
Smells much worse than my black feet
Oh God, it's alive
- Christian Cordero

Touch of time
What was dead: now alive
Shifting breeze
- Jay Carper

Woe betide the world.
The stinkymate has perished.
Damn salmonella!
- Jason Mailloux

Bees like chicken ass.
Who knew? I bet their honey
Tastes pretty funny.
- Jason Mailloux

Saliva runs down my chin
To taste rotting flesh
- Robyn Hamilton

Dead chicken in a park
Smells float towards children
Meat thieves discovered
- Robyn Hamilton

Stolen Stinkymeat
Where do five meats turn for help
when they are kidnapped?
E. M. Straczek

Meat born really fresh,
But then it met Mahlon Smith.
Now it is stinky.
- Aaron

Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew
Ew Ew Eww Ew Ew Ew Ew
Ew Ew Ew Ew Eww
- Zachary Ankenman

Where is stinkymeat?
Who has taken you away?
Fear the UberDeer.
- Yevgeny

Thousands of good sites
Pornographic lovliness
I watch Stinkymeat?
- Morgan Johnston

From ooze into ooze
The circle of life complete
Zen and Stinkymeat
- Andrew Lauzon

Chicken, dance with the maggots!
Most beautiful waltz
- Matt Hix

Haiku is special
When the subject is meaty.
Here, it's required.
- Metacide

Dear fly, from the sky
Deposit your babies here
Feed, little ones. Feed
- Metacide

I see you, chicken
I see your hole, expanding...
Whats inside of you?
- Metacide

To Nocturnal thieves:
How dare you steal Stinkymeat!
Find your own food, dicks
- Metacide

Where the maggot feeds.
Where the stench overpowers.
This is Stinkymeat.
- Metacide

Stinky, raunchy meat
My lips still quiver above
What was once my lunch
- Brad Ballinger

Chicken with no neck.
Left outside to rot alone.
Ground beef bid adieu.
- Ralph Squillace

Hi-res rotting meat
I think I may have found the
Best site on the web!
- Labboy

Rotting Stinkymeat,
You make my life so complete.
The taste can't be beat.
- Jason Mailloux

Laying eggs, enslaved.
Now I have my sweet revenge,
Giving birth to death.
- Jason Mailloux

Colonel Sanders weeps:
"What have you done to that hen?
It's extra-mushy."
- Joseph Tomsco

Mall Security--
Suspicious activity.
Meat plate near the Gap?
- Joseph Tomsco

If you love something,
set it free - If bugs eat it,
it's probably dead.
- Joseph Tomsco

Picnic in the park.
The chicken's already there.
We just need cole slaw.
- Joseph Tomsco

Which item smells worse?
The meat that you left the deer,
or gift he left you?
- Joseph Tomsco

Green and black discharge,
oozes forth from chicken hole.
Finger licken' goo?
- Joseph Tomsco

Carcass a la King,
makes it own delicious sauce.
Just pick off the bees.
- Joseph Tomsco

The foulest of fowl;
A chicken that stuffs itself,
but not with Stove-Top.
- Joseph Tomsco

poor dead young chicken
on malodorous display
what would your mom think?
- Glenn Pearson

Moving Chicken Meat.
Dish drainer infallible?
Truly I think not.
- Elizabeth Straczek

Missing meat at mall;
stinkymeat oh stinkymeat
Where will you lead us?
- Elizabeth Straczek

Bach, great composer.
Chicken, great decomposer.
Both uplift the soul.
- Matt Hix

You we're once an egg.
Now fly eggs live inside you.
Rot wrought you, foul fowl.
- Matt Hix

A stinkymeat two?
Mo' meat, mo' stink, mo' problems.
But all for science.
- Mike Polowick

In the 70's,
We did the funky chicken.
Now, we just smell it.
- Joseph Tomsco

A forlorn Mahlon,
Looks for missing meat in mall
"You seen my sausage?"
- Joseph Tomsco

Chicken pinata.
Smack it hard - See what falls out.
Run kids!!! It's maggots!!!
- Joseph Tomsco

A chicken haiku.
Poetry about poultry.
An artistic low.
- Joseph Tomsco